4 more weeks of summer

Welcome to the magical island of Ibiza

Great location, beautiful people, wonderful nature, lots of fun, and spending an unforgettable time together.


In September / October we will transform a beautiful camping site into a Yoga Village to enjoy 4 more weeks of summer. A Yoga Village that offers a wide variety of activities and a perfect blend of yoga lifestyle and magical Ibiza.

We start the day with yoga and meditation. In the early afternoon, different teachers offer workshops to deepen your experience and learn about special themes. In the afternoon you can go on day trips, visit some of the cosy towns, or just relax at one of the beautiful beaches nearby. You can make reservations for a massage or treatment and during the evenings we dance to elevate the spirit and celebrate our time together.


Yoga Village Ibiza offers many different types of accommodation suitable for anyone: Cabins, Hobbit houses, Bungalows, Chalets, and of course you can also stay in a tent. There is a special area for kids with guided activities. So, families and children, you are most welcome!


All meals are vegan and include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have allergies, or special conditions please let us know. There is a special section for this on the registration form. We will inform the cook and discuss how we can best serve your needs.


The Yoga Village offers a wide variety of activities, a perfect blend of community, yoga lifestyle, being in nature, and all Ibiza has to offer. On site activities: yoga, medition and other practices, treatments, pool, music, dance. Off site activities: beaches, boat trip, adventure, and much more.



Siridharma Singh


Siridharma is the founder of Kundalini Pioneers in the Netherlands and Ibiza, Spain. He is a teacher, a therapist, a coach, and a professional teacher trainer.  In pursuit of his vision: “to integrate yoga in modern society”, he entered the corporate world, leading innovative projects for companies and organisations, and creating training programs for professionals. Siridharma is CEO of Business Yoga Netherlands and currently expanding into Europe.

Week 1,2,3,4


Maurice Spees


Every evening we listen to music and dance to celebrate and bring gratitude to all that life has to offer. Tierra Danza is a modern expression of an ancient ceremony, and is inspired by Ecstatic Dance. Tierra Danze represents the community spirit of a tribe living in tune with nature.
Week 1,2,3,4


Michel & Renate


Michel & Renate are the founders of Het ZENTRUM in the Netherlands. Michel is a charismatic Tai Tiji & Qigong teacher, as well as Vinyasa teacher. He is a professional Coach – specialized in Burnout, using meditation skills, NLP-techniques and walking in the Nature.
Renate teaches Classical Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga. She is also a Life Coach.
Week 1


Timna el Sharon


Timna works with many groups worldwide bringing the beautiful wisdom and medicine of the Native American Tradition. She will take you on a “Shamanic Journey”, using the energy and wisdom of nature, animal spirits, tribal shamanic drumming, to reconnect to the Wakan Tanka – the great spirit. Timna will be offering sunrise and sunset ceremonies to synchronise your heartbeat to the sacred heartbeat of Mother Earth. She will be offering both group sessions and private guidance.
Week 1,2


Lorena Yattah


Life Alignment Healing addresses obstacles to physical and psychological wellbeing, and spiritual growth. Energy healing and emotional processing techniques move us from trauma to self-empowerment, and from illness to vibrant living, through deeper connection to our life purpose. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing are not separated. The person is treated as a whole, and guided through a process of self-healing. She will give private treatments in Spanish.
Week 1,2


Humphrey Ferdinandus


With his Indonesian and Dutch roots, Humphrey perfectly blends eastern intuition, loads of experience in martial arts with western leadership. Martial arts positively effects cutting stress, self esteem and handling yourself both physically/mentally. Next to Mariëlle, he offers the physical and mental aspect of wellbeing and resilience: his trainings (kickboxing, taekwondo and self-defence) and energetic streaming (Jin Shin Jiutsu) will leave you aware, self confident, relaxed, uplifted and flowing.
Week 4


Marielle Vinken


Marielle’s vision is that happiness, freedom and resilience are accesible for all. Just as you fuel your car with petrol, you can fuel your body, mind and spirit with unplugging, spiritual practice, relaxing sessions and clearing blockages. Next to Humphrey, Mariëlle offers the energetic, spiritual sessions on wellbeing and resilience: meditation with singing bowls, energetic/spiritual workshops, constellations. Infused with lots of light and humour leaving you in a beautiful, relaxed and confident state.
Week 4

Doing what you love is freedom, loving what you do is happiness.

From 550 – 875 Euros
Early booking until 31 July

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Yoga and meditation
Daily workshops
Music and dance
And more…

DATES 2018
16 – 22 September | Week 1
23 – 29 September | Week 2
30 – 06 September / October | Week 3
07 – 13 October | Week 4


Would you like to co-create with us

Join the tribe

If you are a yoga teacher, musician, artist, therapist, or a healer, and you would like to colaborate in this event, please let us know. We offer you free participation, including accommodation and food, plus a commission for each student that you bring. You will teach, bring your gift, colaborate and co-create.


Welcome to Kundalini Pioneers. We are located in the centre of Amsterdam and in the heart of Ibiza. We are a collective of yoga teachers, creative artists and entrepreneurs with a passion for people and planet. For any questions, to share your ideas, or to join our mision, please contact or meet us.

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